Warrabilla Reserve Malbec 2019

Warrabilla Reserve Malbec 2019 from Rutherglen

Such purity of fruit on the nose. On the palate – massive – all I can think is blackberry jam – that’s it, it’s what it tastes like! Big, black and blue, heaps of fruit and sweetness. Maybe lacking a hint of acid. Just plush like a soft leather couch. Stewed plums, baked cherries. Not something everyone would sign up for, I’m sure.

Day 2 and it’s completely and I mean completely different. It’s like it’s transformed from grape juice to wine overnight with exposure to oxygen. Solid wine TBH – I now really like it. One to put down for 10+ years and seriously enjoy. 

If you drink **MUST BE DECANTED FOR 10+ hours. Day one you could’ve poured it down the sink, day two and it’s 90% of what it could be and delicious- what a difference a day makes. Sometimes all we need is some extra time to become all that we can be.

@balancewineco standard? Honestly could be, ultimately not right point in time for it and so big would divide people..NO

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