Te Kairanga John Martin Chardonnay 2018

Te Kairanga John Martin Chardonnay 2018 

Lovely light colour in the glass, on the nose oak is fairly prominent along with the loud lemon zest intertwined. On the palate – wow super generous – lots of oak and lots of lemon zest again, fresh lemon juice to even out. Almost brings out a sherbet zing on the palate – I wouldn’t call this a classy/classic chardonnay though. It’s got something to say for sure, just unsure if it’s the style for the club or if it’s just the point in time. Update – half hour later and its opening up and mellowing out with the air and the warmth. Delicious honestly - it just needs to be a bit warmer and open for a bit. Definitely a nice wine but no reason to use. It’s not where I need but I still like it.

Day 2 It’s really come together – tight knit, pretty, oaky, still has the vibrant lemon acid running through. Bit on flintiness coming out there too. Really nice wine in all honesty. But it’s one that needed the air and it’s not perfect chardonnay for me. NO

WOW – Day 3 and it’s finally a fully integrated butter bomb of stellar quality – seriously  can’t believe how well it’s showing. It's become super premium all of a sudden. Goes to show some need time!

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES in a few months

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