Singlefile Clement V 2018

Singlefile Clement V 2018 from Western Australia

Super gorgeous bright deep colour in the glass. Straight away the nose says I’m special!

Super deep, fresh bright fruit on the nose – dark ripe blackberries. On the palate super delish – bright, soft, great structure – lovely acid throughout balancing the hearty weight on the palate. This is a great wine by the fire on its own, big glass – company not essential. Wouldn’t say no to a charred steak. Uniquely WA but feel a real French influence – a true joy to drink. Complex, premium and no thinking required.

Day 2: Seriously what a wine the nose is soo freaking inviting – cooked down bright ripe berries still vibrant in scent. On the palate toooooo smooth Singlefile make some Casanova textured wines – that real milk chocolate mouth feel with a hint of ground coffee dark broodiness to it. It’s sticky in its finish – goes on and on but makes you require more after a minute or two. Delish! 

@balancewineco standard? YES

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