Rosi Schuster Sankt Laurent 2018

Rosi Schuster Sankt Laurent 2018 (Pinot noir crossing with an unknown second parent)

Ok wow, as soon as I pull the cork and nose the bottle I KNOW it’s going to be delicious! First small pour to clear the Chardonnay from the glass. Oh man the nose already – freaking incredible! Gorgeous funk on the nose (only in a good way- you’ll know what I mean). All Rhubarb on the nose and palate, boiled down apples and dried cherry, prominent clove adding to the aftertaste. Very special wine from a special producer coming from an exciting wine producing country we rarely drink much from. An absolute joy! So unique to the country too, amazing generosity for the lower alcohol. What a wine!

Update - several of the members sighted this as one of their favourite wines for the last 6 months! - we were worried the funk might be off-putting! (but still too good not to use)

@balancewineco standard? YES

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