Priory Ridge Pinot Noir 2018

Priory Ridge Pinot Noir 2018 from St Helens, Tasmania

Lovely bright, deep colour in the glass. On the nose really bright red fruit. On the palate wow now, that is a crazy deeeeeep Pinot – freaking love this style when it pops up. Candied raspberries thick reduction of rhubarb pie, almost thick viscosity on the palate. First impression out the gate is that there may be a touch less acid than it needs. The nose is super generous though. -cheese and wafers and will come back to it in a minute. WOW – second pour 10 minutes later and the nose is singing. This is just such an immensely likable and enjoyable big pinot – even though it shows imperfection on the acid front – I don’t know if I care. It’s bloody delicious – needs air, acid slowing coming through – this is a YES

Almost central Otago style. DAY 2 – honestly nearly didn’t make it to day 2 – freaking so delicious. Acid has finally come through which tells us -----DECANT! 

I measure my wine – helps keep my drinking consistent – I get 6 X 125ml glasses to a bottle. Today I had 2 glasses left. It does lack acid but I love it in spite of that, we’ve all met other bottles and people like that too – enough good qualities to weigh out any minor shortcoming.

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES

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