Pichot Coteau De La Biche Sec 2020

Pichot Coteau De La Biche Sec Vouvray Chenin Blanc 2020

Classic wooly nose straight out of the gate with some freshness and even some floral characteristics. On the palate great structure and obviously still a baby. Exciting acidity ripping throughout your mouth, mellowing on second sip as it’s no longer such a formidable force. Almost has that sherbet mouth puckering effect. This is a young, vibrant and exciting young wine. This is a very good wine, will be interesting to see the effect a day or air gives it. Food matching wise it’s screaming for kingfish carpaccio – This may not be approachable enough to use month one – the acid is sooo vibrant it could deter people. As it lingers – the sugar does come through. Honestly this is looking like a really serious wine, one to put away for ten years then drink your winnings when the time comes. Oh man, second pour and it’s hard not to like.  It’s really freaking good just needs an in depth explanation. It keeps sweating the sides of your mouth with the acid but I keep wanting more. Acid almost Riesling like.

@balancewineco standard? YES

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