Pichot clos berger Vouvray demi sec 2018

Pichot clos berger Vouvray demi sec 2018 (Chenin blanc)

Lovely drawing in nose of spiced pear and a hint of floral characteristics.

On the palate generous and mouth coating, great texture, definitely get the sweetness on this one, acid doesn’t feel as loud. Very nice wine. Just now on the third sip the finish is letting you know the acid is there. Nose is really coming out too. It’s one you need to be prepared for the sweetness though I’d still lean towards aperitif rather than a dessert wine though could be versatile. Nose is much louder now. I like it, serious quality as expected. May be a touch polarizing / the sugar may turn people off.

DAY 2 and the acid is more pronounced, altogether it’s more together and in harmony. It’s really really nice, I love it! I’m just mindful of people who’ve associated sweetness with lack of quality which after this is obviously not the case. Very easy to like – I might have done a touch less sugar would like it to be zippier acid wise. Thinking but more yes than no and great value.

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? NO but close

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