Nocturne Rosé 2021

Nocturne Nebbiolo / Sangiovese Rosé 2021 Carbanup, Margaret River, WA

Lovely light pink colour in the glass. On the nose fairly restrained, just a typical light rosé nose. 

On the palate even textured, refreshing, but not that light, still has a sturdy body to it. Beautiful, very good warm day drinker for sure. 

It just holds a line, it’s right where it should be given the grapes – impressed. 

As it warms and gets some air sooooo much more flavour is coming through.

Prettiness to it, the Nebbiolo tannins are making an appearance too with that signature persistence – they said they were leaving but here we are 5 minutes later and they’re hanging around for the foreseeable future (can you feel that? Changes your whole mouthfeel). Great wine, I’m excited!

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES

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