Moores Hill Sparkling Blanc de Blancs NV

Moores Hill Sparkling Blanc de Blancs NV from Tasmania

Soft, understated and inviting on the nose – chardonnay really comes through.

On the palate lots of fine, persistent bubbles, awash with lemon acid, vibrant. Very dry, crisp and refreshing. Very good quality – I sometimes forget the unique top-quality sparkling being produced in this country with all the Champagne we drink.

After the first few sips the bubbles don’t seem so loud – more understated. Mouth is left with the lovely textured chardonnay aftertaste. Lean / aperitif style. Very well made – it’s lean, clean but leaves your palate with a creamy chardonnay coating – likely due to the time on lees (36 months). Very classy stuff.

Second pour, and a little warmer and I’m liking it even more! Pristine, clean, hint of creamy butter, great mouthfeel and just super polished. I like it. I chose to pair with some sourdough, pate and cheese – pretty perfect match if you ask me – also kind of glad I’m drink this one alone..

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES

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