Lucien Muzard Bourgogne Rouge 2017

Lucien Muzard Bourgogne Rouge 2017 (entry level Burgundy Pinot)

Lovely light colour in the glass. Really inviting nose – screaming drink me with lunch by the countryside with cheese, charcuterie and a baguette.

On the palate fairly light, formidable acid structure dominating the palate. It’s still pretty good though actually. You just need to know it’s a lighter style going in. Honestly a super pleasant, enjoyable, could almost say watery pinot but there’s still a bit going on and may be a fair place to start for your introduction to burgundy.  Maybe save this one for summer. 

I really like it, it’s likely not WOW quality but for a Bourgogne wine it’s worth drinking. Only a NO for now, definitely passable though. Oh man, some creamy French brie (Gippsland actually – the aldi one – triple cream – it’s a freaking steal for the quality) Marries sooooo well with the wine. It’s what it should be. I may just use this the next month.

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? 90% there YES leaning..

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