Indigo Alpine Valleys Beechworth Chardonnay 2018

Indigo Alpine Valleys Beechworth Chardonnay 2018 

Light straw colour in the glass. Lovely lean lemon lime zest on the nose (say that aloud three times fast). On the palate really good actually. Very lean, zippy acid dancing about but then the body comes in to stop the party – brings the palate into the middle and neutralizes the acid.

I don’t know if this’ll be everyone’s style but its got merit. Kind of looking forward to room temp – it’s that quality, just not an oaky style at all.

Second pour and it’s leveling out nicely, more mellow – it’s just missing the luxury of butter and oak that may elevate. 

Day 2 – Similar to day one – lots of lemon zest acid. Good texture but it’s got to be a NO. Best at room temp, great quality in spite of it all – mellows the acid with the warmth.

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? NO

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