Faiveley Bourgogne Chardonnay 2018

Faiveley Bourgogne Chardonnay 2018 

Pale straw colour in the glass. On the nose – Lots of lemon rind.

On the palate oh just what I needed, sharp acid piercing but the overall body and mouthfeel is softened, great texture and good length too!

This is nice Chardonnay – true to style. It’s not amazing burgundy but it’s definitely fair for the price ($45ish). Perfect on a sunny day like this. The thing that threw me off right away was the initial flavour profile was so lemon/citrus that you might expect it to be really Chablis like/sharp but it wasn’t. Now after a couple minutes of swirling and a little warmth it’s coming into it’s own. Oh wow – seriously really pretty texture now and oh so buttery!!!! But French elegant, refined buttery, like you don’t taste the actual oak but the creaminess comes through. Serious value wine by all accounts.

I left this whole review in as it’s important to see the change a wine can make from first opening to literally 5-7 minutes later – it can come out and play!

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