Clarence House Reserve Pinot Noir 2018

Clarence House Reserve Pinot Noir 2018 from Tasmania

At first pour showing a bit stalky and acidic. With some careful swirling in the glass it’s opening up to display subtle elegant red cherry and rhubarb (not sure about it yet). It’s good but pretty average/unexciting for the money – it’s a $50 bottle after all. Maybe see how the block 1 2019 is. 

After about an hour in the glass it’s rounding out – funny with some of the serious Pinot’s they really need the bottle age or decanting – rule of thumb with decanting is to replicate one year of bottle age with one hour in the decanter so if you’re drinking something that needs another year start with an hour and if it really needs 10 more years in the bottle – try 10 hours in the decanter. It's super pass-able after two hours in the glass I just don’t know if it can be a lovable wine for the club.

Opened at 3pm originally – it’s now 5:20pm nose it now much more pronounced and inviting – intense bright crushed cherries boiling up out of the glass with each enthusiastic swirl. On the palate it’s definitely showing more – I’m not getting any WOW though – fairly together with a touch of acid outside the line to the side and some stalkiness that is perhaps not adding anything favorable in this instance. 5:28pm – it’s almost great but the acid is still poking out at an inopportune moment – not as bright as I’d like – At this moment it's a NO. Day 2 and it’s actually much better, probably still not suitable right now though.

@balancewineco standard? NO

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