Clarence House Pinot Noir 2020

Clarence House Pinot Noir 2020 from Tasmania

Lovely vibrant colour in the glass. On the nose leaping from the glass – red ripe cherries and raspberries with that acid sting you just know is coming (with a half ripe strawberry or the sweetness and acid of a kiwifruit though not that flavour profile) Hint of Ribena cordial too.

On the palate very generous but still in its infancy. Honestly, it’s a delicious wine but be great to see how it develops with air over the coming days or in the bottle over the coming years. All primary fruit characteristics. Good soft tannin structure. This one needs decanting for sure – give it an hour before serving – even a few minutes of swirling in the burgundy glass is seeing it level out quickly. It’s honestly really good, early though. It is good wine but it's youth may be an issue – make decision on day 2. I’m still finding it delicious even though it has that red berry too young profile. This would be one to set aside a dozen and drink one every 6 months until it’s amazing then drink at will. Day 2 – still all youthful characteristics – bright red berries – stewed cherries. Has merit it’s a fun pinot . Day 3 – really mellowed out – goes to show it’s young and plenty of life in it though cant dispute the quality and youthful deliciousness. 

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