Chapoutier Saint Joseph 'Deschants' Syrah 2016

Chapoutier Saint Joseph 'Deschants' Syrah 2016

Hint of barnyard funk on the nose in a good way (rarely is that the case). Really perfumed and inky concentration. On the palate heaps of extracted ripe blueberries with the crunchy skins left behind as grippy tannins – very rustic style, still polished though and could only be French. So much cassis but no sweetness – it’s a dry blueberry bomb! Love it for what it is! Les Meysonnaires may be better and cheaper but this has merit, is it’s own man and of a true style for the region. It’s nice to see and is worth seeing! Ladies and gentlemen I think this has to be a yes, your education would be lacking otherwise. 

On the fence – structure is a little light on good acid but maybe lacking fullness in the mid palate. Hour or two in and it’s a little flat – I think it’s a no.

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? NO

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