Chapoutier Les Meysonniers Crozes-Hermitage Blanc 2017

Chapoutier Les Meysonniers Crozes-Hermitage Blanc 2017 (Marsanne)

Just as you pull the cork, the nose is a little funky, giving it a good swirl in the hopes it’ll blow off. Lovely straw colour in the glass. On the palate really interesting – great texture, really mouth filling and coating but without excessive wood, alcohol or sugar being the culprit. Nose still hasn’t improved. Really like the palate – good acid structure too – all in balance. Going to have some cheese, swirl some more and see where it leaves us.

On second pour the tingle of the expertly interwoven acid peaks through the thick texture. Honestly its so nice on the palate but the musty nose holds it back. DAY 2 – just nosing that musty nose is a turn off. Can’t use it.

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? NO

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