Chapoutier Collines Rhodaniennes La Combe Pilate Viognier 2017

Chapoutier Collines Rhodaniennes La Combe Pilate Viognier 2017

Really gorgeous deep yellow colour in the glass. Just as the bottle is opened first scent queries a touch of oxidation but that blows off in less than 5 minutes. Really lovely soft and inviting nose of apricot and peach. On the palate really lovely – full texture, oily, good alcohol structure poking its head up with enough acid for me for this style but you may say could have a zing more – this is just very ripe, rich and indulgent – peaches and cream.

Still dry – good for lunch on a warm day or perhaps thick enough in weight for a hearty chicken dish. Love it, awesome value too.  You could get a touch more of a perfect wine but goes from $30’s to $80+. This is good value for the quality. You also wouldn’t get the texture in some of the new world lighter bodied examples – can be made really lean but I find they lack generosity and depth. Day two and it’s in complete balance – not lacking any acid. Perfect weight – super dooper delicious. Every element is awesome – weight, colour, ripe fruit expression. Much prefer this style to any new world lean style. Awesome!

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