Briar Ridge 'Briar Hill' Chardonnay 2019

Briar Ridge 'Briar Hill' Chardonnay 2019 Hunter Valley 

Polished light straw colour in the glass. On the nose restrained lemon curd with a hint of cashew richness coming through too. On the palate really light on its feet, subtle lemon zest and butter with acid keeping the palate almost light but still with an oiliness to it.

It was fairly cold when I opened it so will see how it progresses with warmth. Honestly, it’s very good quality – very pretty, WOW – second pour, little air, little warmer and it’s shining! Oily cashews, subtle still, slick texture, incredibly round edges.

Day 2 – As soon as I nose the glass the butter is coming up. Man really great day 2 – more richness, good acid, full, beautifully well made, high class chardonnay. ***Note – when it does better day two, you should decant if you can, also pay attention to the temperature. When a wine is ice cold it can hide any imperfections, but a little warmer it’ll really show you what it’s made of!

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES

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