Bass Phillip 17K Pinot Noir 2019

Bass Phillip 17K Pinot Noir 2019 from Leongatha, Gippsland, Victoria

Bass Phillip are known around the world as Australia’s best / most Burgundian Pinot Noir producer in the country. They actually just changed hands – purchased by Jean Marie Fourrier, a prominent Burgundy producer. Under new management they’ve altered the offering. Previously their Crown Prince was the entry level for their estate fruit at around $70. The new 17K is replacing that wine at $50. It was a stretch but I’m so pleased to be able to show you a wine that so many get excited about and are so well known around the world for putting Australian Pinot Noir on the map.

First nose and reassurance washes over me - can only be Bass Phillip Pinot. Elegant and perfumed, notably savory. Now to the real test – on the palate freaking love it! Got so much going on – great acid dancing about, really ripe cherry pie, with some almost fresh raspberry ripeness with the balance of the acid.

This is a serious Pinot – natural quality to it. Not super polished, more rustic and raw.  Day 2 and chilled from the fridge (good to maintain freshness plus it warms up in half an hour at room temp anyway). Really good – might even be really benefiting from the cooler temperature – maybe put in the fridge for 30 mins before you open – cellar temp is different to our room temp here in Australia after all.

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES

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