Arnaud Lambert Saumur Champigny 'Les Terres Rouge' 2019

Arnaud Lambert Saumur Champigny 'Les Terres Rouge' 2019 Loire Cabernet Franc

Lovely savory yet generously fruity nose. On the palate soft dusty tannins, plump cherry, real elegance to it. The tannins and the acid are prominent but in perfect balance behind a curtain and really tight knit. Really like it – perhaps a touch short on the finish but may just be the structure. Something is sticking around. It’s maybe just missing a little mid palate fruit. Might be a bit neither here nor there. I’m going to have some cheese and see how I go.

It’s opening up actually – more generous. Wow – no cheese yet but second pour and it’s really opened up! (decant).  I should have been French.

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES

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