Arnaud Lambert Saumur Breze Clos Mazurique 2020

Arnaud Lambert Saumur Breze Clos Mazurique 2020 Loire Cabernet Franc

Pretty colour in the glass lolly raspberry red. On the nose it kind of smells like lolly raspberries too (in a good way). On the palate really juicy with sweet berries coming through, great soft tannin structure.

Interesting wine – a lot more sweet fruit than the 2019. Honestly though so much to like. Needs air and goat’s cheese (goat’s cheese is native to the region – goes so well with all the local varieties from Cabernet Franc to Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc).

Will give it a minute and eat some cheese.

Man it’s an immensely likable wine.

Important wine for people to try – LOVE it!

After 30 mins of air it’s honestly freaking stunning.

So great to experience a Cabernet Franc in the Loire style (as compared with the Bordeaux blends) really ripe, fruity and generous. Been so long since I’ve had Loire Cab Franc like this. A real treat!

As the air gets in it really becomes something special – bigger, brighter – special wine. Decant!

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES

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