Arnaud Lambert Saumur Breze Clos Mazurique 2019

Arnaud Lambert Saumur Breze Clos Mazurique 2019 (Loire Valley Cabernet Franc)

Elegant savory nose showing some bright young polished berries. On the palate fairly big, huge acid flowing through but in the way that a big juicy ripe blackberry does – big refreshing acid washing through the ripe fruit making it whole.

Polished. I really like it. This could definitely be a YES. Great example of this grape from Loire – its so fruity and lively – last thing you’d think about would be Bordeaux (Cabernet Franc being a component of the blend there next to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec)- they do that as the grapes ripen at different rates in different weather so they can hedge their bets.

It’s light but it has good tannin structure present – might make you think of a bigger pinot but with thicker tannins lurking about, and with a longer more persistent finish but without any clawing fruit like you might expect with a shiraz. Also screams France – makes me think of Bourdain stopping with Éric Ripert for a picnic by the side of the road in France with (3 or 4) bottles of wine and cheese/charcuterie. This is the style of wine I’d imagine they’d drink there. I’d be more than happy to. I love a wine that can transport you through the glass!

@balancewineco Wine Club standard? YES

*note - would have used but they ran out of vintage by the time I ordered!

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